Normann and Hay


really cool super thin lined notebook by Hay

It’s a trap! Followed some friends into themodernshop, gift & accessories store, and couldn’t leave without picking something up.  It wasn’t cheap either, but very lovely and happy to add these items to my collection. =]

I got one sketchbook by normann copenhagen, and as I’ve been told, this is the only store in Canada to get my hands on this brand. The book features a nylon cover and page edges the same colour as the cover. I picked the Ink Blue version (because they did not have the Lemon Curry in the small size). The other is a lined notebook by Hay Denamrk. Both are furniture companies, but of course they make misc. branded designer and quality stationary accessories. And if I don’t have enough pens already, I picked up a 3-set felt tip coloured pens. They write quite smoothly, and I imagine using the felt tip on trace is a better bet than my fountain pens, so they might not just be shelf sitters. (They are quite elegant shelf sitters if that’s what they become)


$14CAD – Felt Pen Mix 1, set of 3 [link]
$24CAD – Daily Fiction Small Notebook [link]
$14CAD – Medium Horizon Notebook [link]

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