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It’s been some time since the last post, and while I’ve been steadily cooking up the next review, I’ve also been caught up with a lot of routine life derailing things. So before I get cracking on that, I wanted to share some new stationaries I’ve collected over the past week/weekend. First up, my first ever set of Field Notes! I saw these in a knick-knack shop close to work and was immediately drawn to the colours. Immediately.

This set is actually a 2016 quarterly limited edition, featuring three bright coloured notebooks — “Blu-Raspberry,” “Banana Split,” and “Tangy Orange”. I think I was drawn to this Sweet Tooth set not only because of the bright pop colours, but also because the inside pages were just as pop-colourful. I’ve collected so many notebooks with quality white (or off-white) paper, that when I see coloured paper in a notebook, I can’t help but jump on it. I usually would just write a few words in these collection posts, but I ended up doodling in one of the books and wanted to share some thoughts.


I have heard a lot about these notebooks. A classic pocket notebook, lauded for its size, convenience, quality, etc. I’ll admit I didn’t look into them too much prior, but after buying this set and checking out all the other things Field Notes offers, I’m much impressed and excited for whenever I decide to cop another set for fun (or function)!

The paper is quite good! I doodled in it with my penmanship. Didn’t really have a direction, since my mind was wandering and had no focus. But the paper accepted my pen and ink quite well, no bleed and no bleed-through for the black blotches. To be fair, using an EF pen really doesn’t squeeze much ink out, so I may doodle again with more juice another time to test the paper out again.


I’m quite happy with this purchase, and would consider getting more should I manage to use these up (or if some more awesome limited editions come out). I’m also very happy the notebooks fit into my EDC pouch, since I’ve heard mixed things about the notebooks not fitting in them due to quality control. But they fit in mine (a little snugly)! The only thing that wasn’t great was the cost. It was a hefty price, since I bought them here in Canada. That conversion rate is a killer upon first glance, but after all the math, it actually is quite reasonable, as unfortunate as it sounds. The best I can do is make the most of the notebooks, and that’s exactly what I will do.

Cheers — a new pen review coming soon!

freshly bought, lunch time shopping.

$16.95CAD – Field Notes Sweet Tooth 3-Pack Notebooks [link]

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