Petrol² // LAMY Safari



I didn’t think I would end up getting one of these, but I did! Feeling loved as I was gifted this 2017 special edition Lamy Safari — the matte petrol with black steel nib. ‘Petrol’ can be a little confusing whenever I mention or describe it to someone. It’s essentially a deep/dark teal colour, and I feel is named more for the ink, which has a little bit of a pinkish ‘gas’ looking sheen. Very cool.

The Lamy Safari was the second pen I reviewed, mostly because of its popularity, solidity as a fountain pen, and versatility. So all I’ll say in addition about this one is that the matte finish is quite amazing and it really gives the pen a new look and feel. It’s got the same sturdy barrel, grip and weight as a safari does, but the matte finish actually adds some nice friction when holding the pen and imo makes the pen look even more professional. The included black nib is also certainly a bonus.

I paired it with my petrol ink of course, but I’m open to trying some other pairings once I out-petrol the first round.

Happy doodling!


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