Moo // Moo Hardcover Notebook


Moo Hardcover Notebook
Berry Red/Turquoise (and Lime Green/Steel Blue)
$19.99 USD (here)

Moo recently had their store-wide sale where everything was 25% off. I’ve been eyeing this notebook for quite some time, and have been a fan of their quality products for a few years now. So of course I had to jump on this deal — and jump I did, getting two sets of two. This won’t be a full on review, since I am not too enthused yet about test using my growing stash/collection of empty notebooks. But I really wanted to give this one a try and I plan to use it quite often, whether for journalling or for work (the two situations I see myself using a notebook most often).

I took more photos than I’m going to write for this, since it’s mostly a cross between my Collection posts and Review posts. Enjoy!  🙂


The books come in a hard, high quality sleeve, quite amazing really, especially when 1) notebooks get thrown around a lot and this can protect it, and 2) The notebook itself is already quite a high quality build and can stand some beating on its own. Everything on the outside, packaging, colours, feel; awesome so far!


Flipping the book open, as advertised, lay-flat design. Forest friends, this is key. I kid you not. I have stopped using notebooks and sketchbooks because it was just too annoying to draw in them when the cover keeps flopping over. To that end, if Moo ever made a dot grid or sketchbook version of this book, I’d be ordering in bulk. The cover opens detached from the binding, pretty neat. And I actually quite like the fact you can see the binding, even though it looks ‘unfinished’/’exposed’.


The cover of the bind also has a nice texture on it.


I couldn’t decide for the longest time how to test out the notebook. First of all, because it’s not a full-on review where I want to test out all my pens and pencils and inks on the pages, but I also wanted to get a good feel of the paper and share about it. So I started with a ‘this belongs to’ as well as a sort-of intro journal post on the first page.


The paper is pretty good! Fountain pen friendly, smooth but not too smooth, which gives the nibs a bit of tooth when writing. The ink I am using is a little bit stainy and I find, more than any of the other ones I have, tends to bleed through a little more than I’d like. But overall, doesn’t bleed through the page, with minimal show through.


Finally, I went through the centre coloured pages! They’re awesome, coloured sketchbook quality paper. Every pen/pencil/ink friendly. I used my water brush to get some blobs on there to see if it would show through and it doesn’t! Also the coloured paper is fun because I get to use my white gel pen on it. Also reminds me of my excitement over getting the Sweettooth field notes — Coloured paper is great!

That’s about it, check it out if you can afford it not on sale, they’re excellent quality and well worth it. They look and feel great, and you can really tell the designers thought very thoroughly about the design, with multitudes of users from different professions in mind.

After this, back to pens! cheers.


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