Traveler I // Traveler’s Notebook



(Formerly Midori Notebook)
Traveler’s Notebook //
Olive Limited Edition 2017 Starter Kit
$78CAD (wonderpens)

One easy click of an impulse buy online got me this 2017 limited edition Olive Traveler’s Notebook, a few add-ons and a very excited me. This was not a cheap purchase. But I am going on a short vacation and wanted to indulge in something ‘traveler’-like, and this was pretty much the perfect excuse to finally jump on the bandwagon. So here’s a preview of the items and let’s see where it goes! The short-term plan is to use this as my new sketchbook (guilty of starting too many sketchbooks and never finishing them…), and long-term goals, also my everything note — including planner, lists, sketches, notes, etc.

I got the starter kit that comes the leather wrap and elastic (plus a spare), a plain notebook, and a cloth baggy. Once I filled up my notebook with all my new add-ons though, it no longer fit inside the baggy. The book starts with the included plain, then my kraft page book inserted into the zippered pocket, and finally I added a DIY watercolour section (courtesy of this video) to the end. I haven’t quite wrapped my head around how I will use the heck out of this pricey piece of work, but I will write again in part II in further detail of how I will have managed to organize and use this notebook. For the time being though, it’s loaded up and ready to get used for my upcoming trip!

Starting Accessories:
Connecting Rubber Bands – $6CAD
Zippered Pocket – $10CAD
Kraft Paper notebook – $8.75CAD
Pen Holder (olive) – $18CAD

watercolour paper – Canson XL Watercolor Pad

It’s been a really busy month, but got another pen review coming zoon. 🙂


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