Pretty in Pink // TWSBI 580AL

classic 580 packaging
uncapped, pretty in pink

Look what I could not resist getting. This year I’ve been really into pink. I don’t know why, and it very well is probably just a phase. So when I found out (super late to the game) that TWSBI had a special edition pink version of their 580AL series…it was over. Firstly because I really love this pen, as from my review, and also because I did not yet have (or could afford) the AL version.

So I have now since acquired it, it is now part of my collection. I picked up the Broad nib, because it was the only one left in stock on TWSBI’s website — and now fully out of stock because I don’t even see it on the site anymore!

It is beautiful, as expected. I didn’t have an elaborate photo shoot for the pen, but these are shots I took when I first got it. It is also not inked yet, because I can’t decide which of my inks to fill it with yet. I imagine that it will be very similar to the 580 clear, but perhaps with slightly more weight with the added aluminum. I am also interested to see what the broad nib produces, so we shall see!~

cheers 🙂

that diamond barrel



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