Pretty in Pink II // Happy New Year~


Happy New Year! I’ve been really antsy about my first post of the year. I actually have a piece written up/prepared already that I wanted to post either right at the end of the year or just as the new year rolled in, but it’s waiting on a pen shipment so I can take some photos before uploading 😦

So instead to quell the silence, I thought I’d just share a little colour combo collection — more pink! These are some of the pens I have been bringing to work to use in the new year, to match my pink notebook. You might notice a new addition to the pink line-up in the middle there. More on that in my next post.

Holiday haul 2017 is coming soon soon….!


  1. I do like the look of the Diamond 580AL in the rose… so much so I ordered one this morning just before I picked up your post! Really looking forward to it now.

    When are we going to to get 3D printing that’ll print out our purchases as soon as the payment clears? 😦

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    1. 3D printing with the perfect quality level too — printing gold nibs…! *dreams

      The rose does look super attractive for sure. It’s a really nice red shade they picked. But since I got this pink one relatively recently, I had to resist >_> Hope you enjoy yours when you get it!


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