Computerworld // Baron Fig Vanguard


I bought a thing!  I apologize in advance for the semi awful photos, I’m trying out a mobile post and this is the result, haha.

I’m a pretty big fan of Baron Fig products. I don’t collect every possible thing they produce, but of course every now and then, they come out with a pretty irresistible limited edition thing that I have to get.


The set comes in a nice hard box, the same box as the Confidant, except it has three softcover notebooks instead of the one hardcover. I have yet to test out the paper, but Im not even sure I want to because the books look so nice on their own. And this is why I have an empty notebook collection problem.


The limited edition was a collaboration with codecademy, so the lines inside are actually designed for coders to make notes and such. But if you’re not a coder, it’s still plenty usable as a regular notebook!

The notebooks are $15 usd on their website. What a deal! I love the art, the packaging, the quality of the notebook, plus it came with stickers. I enjoy all of the above.

Cheers, new review is comimg real soon, I promise.





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