16.2 & Pearl // Blackwing Palomino Pencil


Palomino Blackwing Pencil – Pearl & 16.2
Graphite core
$21.95USD / 12 = $1.83USD per pencil (wonderpens or jetpens)

Hello! It’s been hard finding time to sit down and doodle for reviews =[ So this is a bit of a half-review, half-helloi’mhere kind of post. I bought the Palomino Blackwing Pearl pencil a while while back from a friend and it’s taken quite a while to get down to that little inch and half of pencil left because I don’t draw with pencil very often. Since I knew I was finally running low, I went to get another one because I enjoyed using it so much. More on that soon — Since this is just a partial review, I’ll just share some thoughts and a few photos.

Look & Feel
Does this pencil look super awesome? yass

This pencil is definitely on the higher end of good-looking classic wood pencils. There are a variety of types which I haven’t really looked into too much. I just pick ones that I think look pretty — Would have preferred a white on white, but the white + black is still quite nice. The pearl also has a nice pearlescent coating, while the 16.2 (is this actually the name of it?) has a nice matte white finish. I am a little more partial to the matte white.


At the end is a standard palomino eraser casing that is adjustable to show more or less of the big eraser that comes with it. The only negative I could say about having this bigger and quite good eraser, is that if I bring the pencil out and have a cap on it, I can’t post my cap since the eraser is not round.


The feel is great but also because it’s a tried and true hex shape pencil, I don’t think they could have really gone wrong. I like the matte finish on the 16.2 also because it feels like there’s a bit more grip when drawing.

click to enlarge!

The Pearl feels more like a 2B pencil, with a relatively softer lead, while the 16.2 feels very much like a standard HB pencil. Both are comfortable to use. The 16.2 merely adds a bit more control and precision but the Pearl lets me draw more loosely. Overall it’s nice to have both, but again, since I don’t draw with pencil too often, I am not too picky.

Well these are pretty expensive pencils. But I spent 2ish dollars on one, and I’ve used it for over half a year, so I guess you can say it was worth it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Go get one if you appreciate stationary and also could use a good quality classic pencil for writing or drawing!

So ends my mini review. I still have some fountain pen reviews lined up, obviously time permitting that I get to them. No new impulse gets though since the Platinum 3776 (I shall pat myself on the back) either so it’s been a bit slow. Thanks for tuning in!



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