Ball // Some thoughts on ball point pens


Hello! Last weekend my coolest friend from NYC visited me and gave me a pen (and a chicken salt/pepper shaker) as a housewarming gift! She apologized that it wasn’t a fountain pen, but I love all good stationary, so I am not disappointed whatsoever. Why should anyone apologize for gifting stationary?

There is a catch, however. It was a ball point pen…and I may have mentioned before, that ball point pens are not my go-to pens of choice. They’re kind of hit and miss for me, and you can end up with a blotch at any moment with some not so great ones. As I was playing with this new one though, I had a thought to 1) post about it since I haven’t posted in a while and 2) maybe dig out some of my other ball points that I don’t use as often but still like.

So here goes a mini muse about ball point pens

some attempt at a glamour shot with my other pink items

I’ve picked out the following:

  1. swiss brand ‘Premec‘ aluminum body clicky pen // This is my new pen! I have unfortunately already scratched some of the nice pink paint off because I do not take good care of my things. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But otherwise, I kind of like this one. The weight feels nice, but not too heavy for a metal pen. The ball point draws something along the lines of a medium thickness. Not my favourite thickness, but because of the convenience of the clicky plus the smoothness of writing, it has its perks.
  2. Ohto Needle Point // I’ve had this one for ages, probably since 2008. And it still has ink in it. That’s the thing with ball point pens, they just last for a very very very long time, even if used regularly. I like this one because the point is sturdy and accurate. and it doesn’t actually blotch much at all. The tinyness of the barrel though prevents it from being the best convenience writer — which tends to be the only reason I’d pick up a ball point pen.
  3. Muji ball point pen // I called this one a needle point as well, just because it is almost the same as the Ohto. Sturdy and steady, the accuracy and ease of use probably makes this one the favourite of the bunch. The only thing I found is that I had to press a little harder on the paper to get the line to come out smoothly. Something about the ‘ink’ flow?
  4. Fisher Space Pen // Oh the famous space pen. I ended up getting one even though I don’t use it. Just cause. It really does work as advertised (not that I’ve gone to space), and it works very well for regular use. It does get a little blotchy, but I have found that because the pen works at almost any angle, I can get some interesting shading or lineweights in with this pen despite it’s very thick pen line.
click to enlarge!

Well that’s about it. I wasn’t planning to make a full on review of this one. I just wanted to pop back in and say hi, and also talk about stationary. It is Thanksgiving here in Canada afterall, and I had the day off, so why not ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for tuning in!




    1. aw thank you! Taking care usually means not using them ^_^;; anything I end up using usually gets a beating — but you can also say I get my money’s worth from using them so much!


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