Mossery splurge //


Hello forest pens~ It’s been a while, and I apologize — May has truly been heck-tic. Last weekend was a long weekend and so I started finally getting some things ready and brewing to post! The review is in progress but, as always, they take multiple sittings and I just haven’t had many opportunities to sit recently. In the meantime though, I’ve gone and outdone myself once again, acquiring some goodies I want to share!


Chanced upon this company through an artist I follow on Instagram — Mossery — a stationary company out of Malaysia. With shipping and customs I ended up paying a little more than I expected, but it was an impulse purchase without much thought, so I deserve it. ^_^;;


Here’s my list of neat sketchbooks and notebooks I reeled in, all embossed with my handle and nickname of choice:

  1. Bunny Blue A5 Sketchbook – Softcover w/ Mixed Media Paper 224gsm (36 sheets/76 pages)
  2. Night Wolf A5 Sketchbook – Hardcover w/ Watercolour Paper 300gsm (28 sheets/56 pages)
  3. Night Wolf Medium Thread-bound Notebook w/ dotted pages (192 pages)

This was a joy to unbox. The clean and easy packaging plus the cute little smiley faces made the experience enjoyable — even if the end result is the recycling bin. Each notebook also comes in individual paper folios with a classic string around button enclosure (what is this called??).




The notebooks themselves look and feel great on first impression. I have yet to test any of them, except this one doodle on my Bunny notebook to start. I’m most excited to give the watercolour pages a try.


So far so good! — If you’re thinking of getting some for yourself, I’d definitely recommend joining with someone else to get multiple items and reach the $150 minimum to get free international shipping. Otherwise it’s pretty pricey! Not including Canadian customs…=[


Thanks for tuning in, cheerio~



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