Happy New Year! // Travels 2019-2020

*updated with highlights and links 2020/01/11

Hello Weirdoforest pen world!

I am currently travelling and thus leading up to the trip have had no time to work on that last review of 2019. So It has been pushed to 2020 — along with a probably very pen-less Holiday Haul of 2019. That’s a good thing right, that means I didn’t splurge on anything too crazy towards the end of the year! But that also means I don’t have much pen news to give. *sad face.

Anyway, I thought I’d poke my head in and share my stationery travel pack and some thoughts and lessons learned when traveling with pens!

First off, the Pencil Case!:
I’ve been using this Galen Leather pen roll for at least half a year now. And I love it! I got the roll in Red, which appears to not be available on the website, and it is really wonderful. The leather is super soft and the stitching is sturdy and reliable. The roll is very durable too, I throw it around in my bag everyday when I go to work and about. It also fits a load of pens and miscellaneous supplies. I first heard about this roll on Gourmet Pens review and almost immediately bought one because it seemed like exactly what I was looking for. Go check that review out for more details and comments. Yay impuse buy and great reviews!

With this ample but still limited volume for carrying, comes the decision making of what to carry along with me for the trip. For the most part, the contents remain very similar to my EDC — as long as I have a goto fountain pen with my coloured ink of the month, a black pen, black brush pen and white gel pen, I’m good.


Here in my case you can see I have exactly those items:
Pilot Penmanship – inked with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness
– Tombow medium brush pen
– Pilot dual tip brush pen
– Pentel large brush pen
– Sakura gelly roll white gel pen

In addition to these goto items, I have the support crew:
– Blackwing palomino pencil
– Pentel Graphgear 0.3mm lead 2H pencil
– 6cm thin metal ruler
– Pilot Hi-tec-c Maica 0.4mm black

Finally, I have my extras, that I may or may not use but I like having with me. I didn’t carry many fountain pens this time, knowing that I may not have too much time to play around with them. But I did carry my new Fine Writing Instruments Bronze Age Gold Armour pen because I thought there might be a slim chance I could finish my pen review — I did not ^_^;; But the pen is great to bring along because it didn’t explode or leak! The other fountain pen I brought along was my Ferris Wheel Press Brush Fountain Pen (an old review — new one to come!) It also did not explode.

The one pen that did explode was my other Pilot Penmanship which I had filled with bulletproof Noodler’s Plains of Abraham ink. Thankfully the explosion remained inside the pen and I plan to keep it that way until I get home when I can clean it without making a mess.

Other than that, I made some new additions to the pencil case – A Pentel P205 to hold some coloured 0.5mm lead I also recently bought. As well as an additional Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm pen in dark blue ink.

I also carried two ink chargers – one from FWP for the brush fountain pen, and one for the black ink. Both have been used once, so I’ll call that a successful pack. The ink chargers are really great for carrying around, an applaud to FWP for designing such a cute and quality little bottle. I will for sure be using this for different kinds of inks in the future.

For my Notebooks/Sketchbooks:
I had trouble picking which notebooks to carry along. In the end I went with my Passion Planner Daily – which I have been mostly rigorously using everyday to note down my todos, events and activities everyday. The next is a new sketchbook, an Etchr lab all cotton watercolour sketchbook. I wanted to start my travel doodles in here and so far so good.


With this sketchbook I also packed my new Sennelier watercolour pan set, along with my new Kuretake water brush! Both are excellent and I have really enjoyed using these new professional colours! I’ve been using student grade paints my whole life, and I don’t know if its psychological or really the quality of the paints, but I enjoy painting a lot more now. Also I think my work looks better…maybe xD.

Here’s my regular mess of a desk, travelling almost in full with me:

The last notebook I brought with me is my current journal/planner layout notebook – Ferris Wheel Press ‘Always Right’ (Hopefully a review soon!). I like this one, it’s lightweight with a great scratchproof and super soft pleather cover. I brought it along so I could keep up with my monthly and weekly spreads. If you follow me on instagram you’ll notice I’ve diverted to doing daily travel spreads instead of the weekly spreads, but I still wanted to keep up/catch up on some of the December stuff.


Thought I should also mention that some of my doodles got featured on Ferris Wheel Press’ fan art blog! Very honoured and excited that they shared my stuff ^_^ Please check it out!

So that’s it! It’s a heavy bunch, but I think so far I’ve used everything at least once.

Thanks for tuning in, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and New Year. Here’s to a productive, fun and successful 2020 for Weirdoforest Pens and penfriends!



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