TWSBI Eco RG (Rose Gold)
Demonstrator, piston converter
Steel EF nib with Rose Gold plating
$68.50 CAD (wonder pens) // 
Currently inked: Robert Oster “Sooty Shearwater” (sold out on Galen Leather)

Well…I couldn’t help myself, once again. I’ve long since cycled the Eco out of my daily usage, but I can’t deny that it is still an excellent pen. It’s got a whopping price tag though, given that my first Eco (though a gift) was only around $40CAD. It’s now the price of what a Diamond 580 used to be.

This isn’t a fully review, just me posting some quick photos of my new pen that I inked right away :). For a fully review of the pen, my thoughts of which are still relevant today, please see my TWSBEE II review!


Why not try out the pen first by drawing the pen. That’s usually how I get a good feel of the pen, since I get to doodle and write at the same time. It’s equally great as it’s steel nib twin, but just so much prettier and shinier. I’m quite happy with the pen, but struggled a bit to justify buying what used to be considered an affordable and best mid-entry level pen.

Anyway, new pen, new feels. A good start to 2020 so far! Apologies of course for such a long break between reviews and doodles, I think I’ve spread myself too thin with all the projects.



  1. I love the Eco, but I have to confess that I’m a bit ‘meh’ about this one. Not being a huge fan of gold finishes probably doesn’t help. That ink on the other hand – stunnning!

    (The notebook also looks interesting – what is it?)


    1. I’m using a Passion planner daily in the picture!
      Too bad to hear you don’t like gold accents 😅 but sometimes when it’s everywhere (which it is…) it gets a bit overwhelming haha

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      1. Thanks – the layout looks really interesting.

        On the gold finish question, sometimes you can’t avoid it, but for choice I’d go steel/rhodium. That said bi-colour, like some of the Sailor nibs can work well too. If it’s not made of gold, I don’t particularly want it to look like gold! 😀

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    2. I can agree with appreciating a gold accent if it’s actually gold!
      I have really been enjoying using the daily planner, the layout mostly works for me – enough space to write lists as well as doodle haha.

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      1. The planner does look really interesting. It can be tricky finding the ‘right’ one. Sometimes the structure’s not right or there’s just too much of it! It is possible for things to be too complicated 🙂

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