Quarantinely Inked


Got a little bored and procrastinating from all the still I have to do on my todo list this weekend. Don’t think I’ve done one of these before so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s my currently inked bunch, which actually I’m trying to use up and rotate so I can use some of my other lonely pens 🙂

  1. Pilot Penmanship – This one is actually almost always inked and my most used. Read more about it in my pilot post and also my post about my commonly used black pens! I use it the most because it is the thinnest EF nib pen I have and it’s great for sketching/notetaking/general use. It’s also one of my cheapest pens. Fancy that.
  2. Lamy Studio – Haven’t done a review for this one yet except noting that I picked it up in my Pen Show haul. I’ve been using this one for work because of how easy it is to quickly uncap, scribble and snap back on. It’s got great weight for everyday use. A true workhorse. It’s also All Black Everything, so… =)
  3. Platinum Kanazawa Leaf Moon & Rabbit – Also not reviewed yet, but recently inked up to use again. I really like this pen, but it’s one of those so delicate ones that I’m scared to use. But since I’m at home all the time now, I figure I might as well try and use the pens I spent so much money on. No one else going to see how worn down they get anyway right?
  4. Ferris Wheel Press Brush Pen 2.0 – Version 2 not reviewed, but I did do one of the original way back when. I had this inked since I got it and don’t use it as regularly but it’s still a good pen! FWP has taken over a lot of my daily use recently – from my planner notebook, currently inked and now this pen. They make great stuff!
  5. Lamy Safari 2020 LE Mango – My most recent impulse purchase. I think it was shopping anxiety or from being at home too long and tired of only ordering essentials online. This is my first time trying a 1.1mm stub nib, hoping to cycle it into workhorse writing rotation shortly. Not sure how I’ll get used to it yet.
  6. TWSBI ECO Rose Gold – Did a little preview of this one, with a full review on the ECO done a while back as well. The ink in this one is so nice, but a little on the light side for regular use. I like using it to sketch on trace because it dries very nicely.


Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe!
One last pic to show my awesome mewtwo mousepad + holey mouse 🙂



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