Monthly Inked // 2020 Work rotation

I only just started in May, but I’ve started a new monthly work pen rotation that I thought I’d share and update here every month! I usually use a main darker shade for regular notes and sketches, and a lighter tone of the same hue as a secondary, for highlights, annotations, etc.

If I’ve done a review for the pen that’s currently in my rotation I’ll also include the link!
Stay tuned for monthly updates and thanks for dropping by 🙂

Main: Ferris Wheel Press “Grape Ice Pop” in Lamy Safari Mango 
Secondary: TWSBI “Royal Purple” in Pilot Lucina
(I totally screwed this up, the main ink is by Ferris Wheel Press, not Colorverse!!)

Main: Colorverse “Monsoon Storm” in Pelikan m600 Vibrant Orange
Secondary: Colorverse “Schrodinger” in 3952 Abalone Fountain Pen

Main: Ferris Wheel Press “Bluegrass Velvet” in Fine Writing International Gold Armour
Secondary: Robert Oster “Sooty Shearwater” in TWSBI Eco Rose Gold


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