Always Right // Ferris Wheel Press Notebook [REVIEW]

Ferris Wheel press Always Right Notebook
$26USD – Buy here

Every now and then in between all the pen reviews I like to throw in some musings about Notebooks. I may be a bit of a pen addict but I think in the broader scheme of things, I can be generalized as a stationery addict as well.

My first drawing in this notebook, November 2019

I’ve been using this notebook from Ferris Wheel Press for close to 10 months now. I can easily track this since my very first drawing in it was done for a November 2019 intro month spread. So over these 10 months, I’ve come to really get to know my notebook, enjoy it, learn more about it and can now share some very honest thoughts on it if it may help anyone who may be considering a notebook purchase!

Notebook reviews are rare here, just cause I feel like it takes me a while to get to know and enjoy a notebook, and also because I feel like I need to do them justice if I’m going to be rambling about them. (Now that I think about it though, the same can be said for pens…hehe) But I’ve spent a good amount of time with this one and I have lots of good things to say, so I’m excited to share them with you.

Themes I wanted to use this notebook for

I am primarily using this notebook as a “Bullet Journal”. I always feel like a fake when I say I “Bullet Journal” since when I flip through my pages, I don’t think I “Bullet” at all, but I do “Journal”. So for lack of better word, let’s just call this my “Journal”. It documents my weekly activities using a style I invented for myself sometime last year that integrates the idea of a Gant Chart into my planner spreads. I’ve named these “Gannet Charts” *big eye roll

a weekly spread drawn as a routine list

Some specs to start:

  • The notebook size is about 7 1/2″ wide x 7 1/4″ high x 1/2″ thick
  • The pages themselves run square at 7 1/8″ x 7 1/8″
  • There are 176 pages of acid-free dot grid paper, 100gsm
  • Bright white pages
  • Insanely soft vegan leather cover
Insanely soft vegan leather cover

One of the things I love about this notebook the most is the cover. It’s literally the softest cover of a notebook I own, leather, pleather, paper all included. On top of that, it’s vegan = cruelty-free! I have the “Pebble Grey” edition, which I would call more of a grey-beige with its somewhat warmer tone. It’s paired with an ultramarine-ish coloured bookmark. The binding is a teal blue edge with white stitching. The endpaper on both front and back are delicately covered with beautiful illustrations of misc. items ranging from ferris wheels, cats, typewriters and the company’s own products and logos. It’s wonderful, I wish I could draw that intricately! Lastly, the corners are perfectly rounded to avoid any accidental stabbings while in use.

Endpaper detail

Now for the most important part, the paper! At 100gsm and bright white, this paper is great quality. It is definitely fountain pen ink friendly, where I rarely see show-through and definitely no bleeding or feathering. There still is show-through just because it’s still a relatively thin paper, but it hasn’t bothered me so far. On rare occasions where I accidentally spill an ink splat, the ink does bleed through but otherwise the paper holds up ink very well, even for relatively wetter ink like Noodler’s.

Planner Journal Toolkit

My toolkit for using this notebook is pretty limited:

  • Pencil: sketching base ideas and layouts
  • Fountain pen + ink: linework
  • Brush pen: dark fill and lettering
  • White jellyroll: writing over black fill
  • Watercolour waterbrush + pans: colour!

I primarily use Noodler’s Heart of Darkness in this notebook, as it is bulletproof and I like to use watercolour to fill in my planner doodles. That being said, light layers of watercolour shade very nicely on this paper! Surprisingly nice too! It dries well and quickly as long as you’re not using too much water — that would be best on actual watercolour paper. This paper is great for using a simple waterbrush and inkpans which is what I use. It’s hard to describe, but shading of colours just naturally dries nice on the paper and I enjoy it. The fountain pen of choice is, of course, my Pilot Penmanship. It truly has got about 846% more usage than any other pen I own.

June monthly

The paper does wrinkle with any amount of water, so all my pages do look like they could use an iron. I haven’t found a way to combat this, especially when taking photos and seeing too much shadow, but otherwise I don’t mind the slight wrinkling.


One unfortunate thing that has happened to my notebook, which has only revealed itself after these 10 months of use, is that the first segment of the stitching has detached itself because the stitching snapped. I don’t know how it happened but perhaps I am just too rough with my stationery. I don’t think I would fault the notebook for this, since the rest of the book has been so well built, but I am not 100% sure. If anyone else has come across this issue, please let me know!

So that’s about it. I still have a couple months left to go before I finish this notebook up, but I am ready to buy another already! The square size is very nice as well, and I think it would make a great sketchbook aside from planner and journaling. It’s priced at $26USD, which comes to about $34CAD. That’s on the upper end of quality notebooks. I’ve bought plenty of $30CAD notebooks with great pain before, but none have seen the wear and use that this one has so far. So I daresay it’s worth the money.

Book list 2020 spread

Hope you enjoyed that short review on this wonderful notebook. Go check out their other products as well — their new ink line and bottles are still available on indigogo. I’m excited to receive mine, and perhaps a little photoshoot for those when they finally arrive next month.



  1. Oo0oOoh, and another beautiful post, thank you!

    For notebooks and their price I have come to the conclusion, that 20, 30 40 or even more $ or € are mostly worth it, if the paper suits your needs and the feel is pleasant enough for you to use it in general. (Same applies to inks, in a way.) –> If you don’t only measure the mere price per page but the cost per pick-up per having fun with it, with a notebook that accompanies you for months or even years, the price gets pretty low. Just compare the price of an evening at the cinema etc. with the time you spend with your notebook …

    (I just managed to clear out my feed reader from the +2000 unread … and saved my most favourite blogs for the very last round.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and checking out my posts!! And yes, that’s a great way of thinking about it, it really is perspective at the end of the day, and a measure of how happy you are with a notebook that you use everyday 🙂


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