Fountain Pen Ink Doodles

I’ve been realizing that my ink collection is too great for me to handle efficiently. What does that mean? Basically I only use say 10% of my collection regularly – the black, darks and occasionally an accent colour for fun. The rest were purely acquired because I thought they were pretty but had no intention of using, whether it’s for note taking, doodling or sketching.

So when october ended and I had no time dedicated to doing the october art challenge (or many may know it having spawned from the term ‘inktober’), I decided to put to use some of my recently acquired inks and just play around.

The result was fun, the inks painted beautifully and in a way was easier to work with than watercolours! Anyway, here are a few of the doodles I made.

I like the ‘plan’ view, or view from above. It’s a unique perspective, and also remains something somewhat architectural to me, which is something I’ve been musing about incorporating more into for my doodles and planner adventures. I don’t know where this is going or where it will take me, but it’s been lovely seeing these inks dry out on watercolour paper!

The primary inks I have been using in this series:

Ferris Wheel Press
– Freshly Squeezed Sunshine
– Buttered Popcorn
– Candy Marsala
– Cream of Earl
– Peppermint Drop
– Three Steamboats

– Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham

Rohrer & Klingner
– Alt-Goldgrun

The sketchbook is Mossery co. Watercolour sketchbook

Someone needs to give me a lesson in photo editing drawings. ^_^;;
See you in the next one! (Review coming soon…)


  1. These ink sketches are really charming. A great use of ink that is otherwise going to take years to use up just by writing! I loved the simplicity in the drawings and the economy of lines, which must be a refreshing change compared to the busy-ness of the more architectural drawings that you do.

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    1. Thank you Rupert for the kind words as always and for reading! Doodling on the side is definitely a refreshing change, in some ways, trying to interconnect the two worlds brings me more stress than necessary!

      Liked by 1 person

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