Quarantinely Inked // Fall+Winter Edition

Hello pen friends! I doodled a quick ‘Quarantinely Inked‘ back in April this year, I think it’s about time I did another. Granted, my monthly pen rotation still happens every month. (See here for the rotations so far! Updated monthly), but I do also have other pens inked at the same time for other purposes.

Here we are:

  1. Pilot Penmanship – Shouldn’t be anything new, this is literally the only pen that is actually perma-inked year round. I use it everyday to do my doodles and it is, once again, the greatest bang for buck pen I have ever purchased.
  2. Franklin Christoph Model 03 Iterum – spoiler alert, actually the next in line for my upcoming pen review! So I won’t say too much here, stay tuned! (updated: review is out!)
  3. TWSBI Eco Rose Gold LE Golden Horse Edition – I was totally planning not to ink this one and just keep it pristine forever. But then I asked myself, why? It looks awesome and by far one of my favourite TWSBI pens to date. Part of me is scared I will scratch and bang it up (I mean, I will), but really that is just how I show how much I care — by actually using what I buy! Perhaps some glamour shots is in order before I actually rough it up though.
  4. TWSBI Diamond 580 – part of the early collection and only really whipped out when I need to use my red ink. Not because I can’t flush it out properly each time, but just that I have long since associated this pen with the Rouge Hermatite. I inked this one up recently because I needed to mark-up some drawings (some of which you can see beneath my sketchbook in the photos ^_^)
  5. Pilot Vanishing Point – One of the current workhorses for work. An easy favourite I like to whip out relatively often.
  6. Ferris Wheel Press Brush Pen 2.0 – I kind of decided after the last ‘Quarantinely inked’ that I wouldn’t be inking this one for a while. But since the recent acquisition of many FWP inks, I thought why not. And somehow it has managed to appear in yet another Quarantinely inked, despite me not actually using it too often anymore.
  7. Tailored Pen Company Tiffany Churchill Model – My review was pretty clear about how much I enjoy looking at this pen despite the ‘EF’ nib being a little too heavy to my liking. Sometimes, beauty overrides function, and so I do like to keep this one inked to twirl around and doodle more often than I plan to. It’s a gem, really.

I actually normally have BOTH Penmanships inked at the same time, one with a different bulletproof ink in it, but I have recently disposed of it due to a potential Slime issue with one of my favourite inks, “Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham”. The biggest sad face. I will be re-purchasing the ink along with a new replacement penmanship soon. I am considering the Pilot Kakuno, since there is a version with an EF nib and I have yet to review one. Anyone have any thoughts on the comparison?

Thanks for reading, here are some more pictures. See you in the next review sooooon.


  1. Thanks for such an interesting list. I love the drawings as always. Your Pilot Penmanship must be the best value pen ever, for being used daily. I am interested that you use your VP for work…I haven’t dared bring mine to the office where I might lose or drop it. I like your idea of having a monthly changeover too.

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  2. I love these posts! Your drawings of your pens are so great.

    Would you consider a nib swap on the Churchill? The swappability is one of the things I really love about that pen. (I just ordered an FPR ultra-flex nib for mine and am pretty excited to try it out.)


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