Holiday Haul 2020 // Year in Review

Happy New Year!

Once again, it is that time of year — the beginning of it! — where I reflect on the generous amount of money I let fly out the window to fuel my stationery addiction. It has been a very wild and rough year, but thankfully the stationery world remained a positive energy in my life to keep me going. My hope is that it did so for many of you as well as we traversed this difficult year. I didn’t have a Holiday Haul last year as I was travelling, but I’m back on track this year and excited to share some of the goodies I’ve picked up and will be reviewing over the coming months.

I’ve divided the haul into four categories: Pens (duh), Inks, Notebooks, and Art Supplies. Eggy is also back for showcasing pens!

Shall we get to it?


A. Pilot Kakuno // Clear Demonstrator Fountain Pen
The last pen I reviewed in 2020! Read more about it in my review. But the gist of it is — new EF twins! About time I gave the Kakuno a try, and suffice to say, I am quite happy with them. I was never a fan of the solid colour versions, but when I saw the demonstrator, it changed my mind about getting one.

B. Atelier Lusso Andromeda // Teal Agate Custom Fountain Pen
This was my impulse buy of the year. Or is it my second, since it is my second custom fountain pen! Perhaps I will elaborate more in the future review, but it was a bit of an opportune timing where I happened to see the post about the pen, and the window in which it was still available to purchase. A similar story to how I acquired my Tailored Pen Company Tiffany, with a little less human interaction since I bought it straight off the website. It’s such a nice pen, and the straight cylinder look (I know I know it’s super basic) is exactly what I wanted. It also has an awesome dragon logo in the finial. But more on this later 🙂

C. Moonman n6 // Pink fountain pen
I don’t really know much about this pen or brand at all. But I learned from an instagrammer where to get one, and that it comes with a glass dip nib. I admit, at first I thought it was too cheap to be true — a converter based glass nib for so cheap? Alas it is simply a glass DIP nib, as well as a regular steel fountain pen nib to swap out. In any case, it’s a nice tiny size, and surprisingly works very well so far! Excited to work on the review for this one as well.

D. Pilot Parallel // Calligraphy Pen
Recommended by a friend, I picked this up along with a big jetpens order. I have yet to try it but I think I have seen enough videos to know how it works. I’m not great with calligraphy, but perhaps this will change things. Looking forward to inking it up eventually.


E. Ferris Wheel Press Inks // Autumn 2020 Collection
What can go wrong with buying FWP inks. I had already purchased the kickstarter set of 7 inks in 38ml bottles and they had just arrived when FWP announced their Autumn 2020 collection. The marketing strategy is real, there’s no getting away from it. But I knew I wanted one or at least two of these inks in this collection way more than the summer collection I had got. These poop colours are just going to see way more use. The Summer collection does have some nice inks for painting though, which is my plan! Stay tuned for reviews that use this ink so I can talk about it.

F. Ferris Wheel Press Inks // Winter 2020 Shimmering Ink Chargers
I hesitate to really say ink chargers are part of my ink collection, but I had made a conscious decision not to buy the full bottles of this ink knowing that I am very unlikely to use them a lot. Still happy I got the charger set of these shimmering inks as they are indeed nice inks and can be very pretty for packaging gifts.


G. Ferris Wheel Press // The Sketchbook
Again around the time that my inks had arrived, FWP also announced this new product. I already use their Always Right notebook pretty regularly for my planner spreads, so I was intrigued to hear about this new sketchbook paper they were making. I have yet to open it, but given their track record, I’m sure the quality is great. It’s a huge sketchbook, I don’t know that I’ll get to it anytime soon, but I suppose it is nice to have in the collection.

H. Midori MD // A5 Notebook Frame

I picked this up because I’ve heard so many great things about the paper, rivaling tomoe river but more geared towards artists. The all plain version was sold out, so I ended up getting the ‘frame’ version. I don’t know if I like it or whether I should have just waited for the plain to come back in stock, but they’re really hard to get in Canada, so I’ll stick with it for now. If I like it, I’ll try and camp for a plain version when they’re back in stock!

I. Etchr Lab // The Perfect Sketchbook Signature Series 2020

I have a set of Etchr Lab regular 100% cotton watercolour sketchbooks already, but when I saw this release I guess I couldn’t help myself. I’m now too scared to use it for fear my art just won’t do it justice. What a silly thing to think. But I want each page to be full of beautiful work, not just my test and scratches that I do in the current watercolour sketchbook. If I have time, perhaps I’ll drop in a few words about the basic version, since I’m considering expanding my reviews to include more notebooks.


J. Tombow Irojiten // Colored Pencil set
This was a nice find, and again a bit of an impulse purchase. I just really wanted new pencil crayons, for what reason I have no idea because I have an entire set of 72 colours from Derwent and they’re still nearly brand new. The stationery problem precedes me. I like the packaging here, each set of 10 colours collected in a book-like box. The colours themselves are quite nice, and I bought this set specifically for the light-gray tone box.

K. Uni Posca // Paint Markers
Last on the list are these paint markers. I’ve seen a lot of them at work on instagram and wanted to give them a try. I have yet to open my pack, but I do have a black paper sketchbook that I could potentially crack open. They do work well on white or black or coloured paper. On many other surfaces for that matter, so they should be fun to play around with!

Well that’s the round up. Quite a substantial list, if I do say so myself. I both expected and didn’t expect this. I know I can’t say no to new fountain pen purchases, but I also think it is a waste for all my previous pens that just sit idly in my pencil case since getting reviewed and never picked back up despite how much I liked them. I’ve tried helping the issue a bit with my monthly ink rotations (link), and I’m looking forward to keeping that up for the rest of this new year as well. Stay tuned for that one – I have yet to select my January pairings.

A couple things I am planning, other than reviews for my new (and old) pen gets. I want to do another round at the ink log. The one I have is perfectly fine really. But something about reorganizing and using all my inks again is somewhat satisfying.

Thanks for all the lovely support to my readers and commenters. It means a lot to know that my blog is helpful or enjoyable to visit/read. It’s also one of those things I didn’t think I would keep up and yet it is still alive after over three years! That goes to show what you can keep rolling as long as you’re passionate about something. Hope everyone has a great 2021, and looking forward to meeting and hearing from more pen friends! To finish it off, an aerial of my art desk at the peak of holiday gift painting, it was a real mess ^_^;;


  1. Thankyou for sharing this round up of your stationery adventures, and for your entertaining posts and art over the year. You mention a common problem of pens sitting unused while we keep adding to their number. Know that you are far from being alone in this!
    As for the last photo I think that is exactly what an art desk should look like. 🙂

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