Fountain pen x MKB // Quarrykeys preview!

I have been thoroughly not keeping up with my blog other than monthly inked, which makes me sad but also excited because I finally have some things to share. This project I’ve been working on has been taking a majority of my free time — hence less pen blogging. And the backlog is very present, but don’t fret, I have not forgotten!

So…what’s been taking up all my time? I started a small passion project with hopes of it becoming a small business! The name is Quarrykeys and more on that below:

Mechanical Keyboard case with pen tray made of Marble

My partner and I have been obsessing over mechanical keyboards for quite some time, I’d say over 4 years in the hobby now. This is not the first I’ve heard, of a fountain pen obsessed keyboard nerd, and really I am no different nor ashamed about it 🙂

In any case, we wrote something a lot more eloquent on our website in terms of our start-up journey and what exactly got us going, but essentially we have been very inspired by all the new development in the hobby and really felt it would be amazing to introduce a relatively new material to the palette of mechanical keyboards – natural stone!

We’ve been designing, developing, and producing our prototype over the past year and are on the brink of launching our product. It’s very exciting and nerve-wracking, it’s also really late (almost 2am) and I need to sleep but I was just too excited to share. ESPECIALLY, because I got to integrate something I love so dearly into the project (aside from the beauty of natural marble) – pens! We incorporated a pen tray into the design so that I could pair my fountain pens with my keyboards and it just makes me very happy.

On my list of upcoming posts I wanted to write for this blog, I was actually going to do a showcase of my keyboard collection and matching fountain pens. It’s long since put on the shelf for when I have time to work on it, but this seemed like a good opportunity to let it surface again.

Pictured in the preview is the one and only Pelikan Ocean Swirl on our marble keyboard case paired with ‘Whale’ keycaps by Kinetic Labs. It’s a whole other rabbit hole of information, so that’s as far as I’ll go for now. The website, as you may have figured, is not live yet as we prepare for our launch this month, but we have lots of cool photos on our instagram: Please check it out and give us a follow if it seems like something up your alley!

Every board is unique since no two pieces we cut from are the same

Do join the newsletter as well if you’re REALLY interested since we’ll be sharing details to our subscribers earlier than our public announcement.

So anyway, that’s all for now. Perhaps I will still do the post about my keyboards x fountain pen collection, but regardless, I do have a list of upcoming posts (in no specific order):

  • Atelier Lusso Andromeda Fountain Pen Review – In Progress
  • My top 5 favourite sketchbooks – In Progress
  • Sailor 1911 Anchor Grey Fountain Pen Review – Upcoming
  • YStudio Portable Classic Copper Fountain Pen Review – Upcoming

Thanks so much for sticking around or checking in every now and then, I’m glad I still have this little nook of a blog to share my obsessions and look forward to sharing more!



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