Monthly Inked // 2021 Work Rotation

Hello again and welcome to the second edition of Monthly Inked! I started this early last year (when the lockdown started to be precise) when I was bound to spending more time working from home and having more access to my ink and pen collection on a regular basis. I decided to make better use of my excessive collection. And so, every month I pick a new pen and ink pairing. ‘New’ is now a loose term as I start my second year of this, since I don’t actually have THAT much to go around, and I tend to be very picky about which inks I actually want to use for work. So there have already been some duplicates, but that’s okay, because the overall pairing has varied and that’s what’s important here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for joining along, I will be updating the page every month with my new rotation, so I’ll keep the post pinned at the top of the page!

Update end of 2021: That’s a wrap! I actually made it a full year, rotating pens on the regular. It makes me happy that I can not only cycle through a lot of my favourite pens I’ve collected over the years but also to give some time to each one. On top of that, being able to cycle through my ink collection or try out new inks I’ve picked up throughout the year is also really fulfilling. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for following along and hopefully some more pen things planned for next year! It was a drought-ish year for the pen blog, but I do have lots of new ideas and plans that just need to be executed ^_^ next up — Holiday Haul.

Main: Ferris Wheel Press “Stroke of Midnight” in YStudio Classic Fountain Pen
Secondary: Diamine “Solstice” in Lamy Lx Rose Gold

Main: Kyo No Oto “Yamabukiiro” in Fine Writing Instruments Golden Armour
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press “Tokyo Bay Blue” in FWP Roundabout roller pen

Main: Colorverse “Able” in Sailor 1911 Anchor Grey
Secondary: Colorverse “Sea Europa” in YStudio Portable Classic Copper

Main: Ferris Wheel Press “Writing Desk” in Pilot Lucina
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press “Edwards Garden” in Atelier Lusso Andromeda in Teal Agate

Main: Ferris Wheel Press “April Showers” in Tailored Pen Company Tiffany Stained Glass
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press “Lady Rose in Gold” in TWSBI 580AL

Main: Private Reserve “Black Magic Blue” in Lamy Studio All Black Edition
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press “Buttered Popcorn” in Lamy Safari w/ 1.1stub nib

Main: Platinum “Citrus Black” in Ranga 8B pen
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press “April Showers” in Ferris Wheel Press Brush Pen (v1.0)

Main: Kyo no Oto “Aonibi” in Pilot Vanishing Point
Secondary: Robert Oster “Sooty Shearwater” in Lamy Safari (first pen I ever bought for myself!)

Main: Noodler’s “Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham” in Pilot Kakuno
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press “Lady Rose” in Kaweco x Hello Kitty AL Sport LE

Main: Ferris Wheel Press “Goose Poupon” in Platinum Century #3776 Nice (Rose Gold)
Secondary: Sailor Studio Inks “123” in Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray

Main: Colorverse “Monsoon Storm” in Atelier Lusso Andromeda Teal Agate Fountain Pen
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press “Moss Park Green” in Franklin Christoph Model 03

Main: Berlin No. 1 “Blue (Black Label)” in Moonman n6 Fountain Pen
Secondary: TWSBI “Sky Blue” in Platinum #3776 Century Oshino


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