Ink Log 2021 //

It’s that time again where I document and record the growing collection of inks. This year I mostly stocked up on Ferris Wheel Press inks – aside from the beautiful packaging which is a definitely collector’s gem, the inks themselves behave really well in my pens and I’m happy using them regularly. They’re also really great to paint with even though I’ve only tried a handful of times.

I’ve had some inks either change in colour completely (Schrodinger from Colorverse) some that have spilled out of their sample containers (Wonderous Winterberry) and some that I may have contaminated during my logging phase (Cream of Earl from FWP?). Shame on me for not being careful!

I sorted the inks into colours again. Maybe I’ll list some of my favourites in each category!

Click to enlarge a bit

Under Reds & Pinks, I think I’m most favoured towards Lady Rose by FWP and Colorverse Sea Europa grew to be a contender for reddened favourites. I actually really like Cream of Earl by FWP for painting, but I think that’s when I may have contaminated it, because it’s significantly grey-er and less pink than my original swatch.

In terms of Oranges & Yellows, Yellow is actually my favourite colour so this is so hard to narrow down. I think I really love how rich Buttered Popcorn by FWP is, though I really like Freshly Squeezed Sunshine, also by FWP, as a colour. It’s just not as practical as an ink. From the poopier yellow range, I love Goose Poupon from FWP, and Citrus Black is always a fun one to show friends because of it’s colour changing properties.

Under the Greens, hands down Rohrer & Klingner’s Alt-Goldgrun is a forefront of beauty and enjoyment whenever I use this ink. I’ve also grown a fondness for grey inks, so Coloverse’s Matter is also up there.

Click to enlarge a bit

We’re now entering my preferred ink colour for regular use, as you can tell with the abundance of shades and options I have amassed. Under Light Blue & Teal, I have to say Sooty Shearwater by Robert Oster became a very fast favourite, and Sailor Studio 123 is a really cool ink for all purposes.

Dark Blues & Purples is a tough one to choose from because they’re all very beautiful in their own ways. I have a soft spot for Private Reserve’s Black Magic Blue, but in terms of most used, I would say Noodlers Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham is one that I always have in a pen because of it’s bulletproof qualities and beautiful shading.

Finally, as I mentioned, I’ve grown to really enjoy grey inks. April Showers from FWP because an easy and fast favourite and I am excited every time I decide to ink a pen with it. I use black inks on a regular basis, and by regular I mean, probably many hours in a day for my doodling. Noodlers Heart of Darkness is my bulletproof black ink of choice. I really like Diamine’s Solstice because of the neat sparkle quality (apologies for my not so great ink photography skills), but it’s not waterproof and so it’s hard to justify using it for my doodles because the slightest drop of water will destroy anything I draw.

So that’s it! Any favourites of yours in this list?
Stay tuned every month as I select a new pairing for my Monthly Inked. Happy inking in 2022!


  1. Thanks for this. The ink menus look lovely and are useful too. It is good to hear some of your personal favourites. Sounds like I need to get ne some R&K Alt goldgrun which I have never tried. Likewise the Noodlers Blue UTPOA that you mentioned for its bulletproof properties.

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