Desk accessories by Grovemade //

I recently splurged on a few cute desk accessories so I thought I would do a short muse post on them! You may or may not have heard about Grovemade by now, but they make beautiful desktop pieces (from desk shelves, laptop stands, to pen cups) out of wood and metal.

I really wanted to get the desk shelf but it’s quite pricey, so I thought I would start small and build up. Here are the picks I went with!

  1. Notepad in Black – This was one of the first items on the list that I knew I wanted to try out. It is, afterall, stationery related! It’s a really neat design, with a weighted anodized black aluminum pad and a kind of notch that holds proprietary notepad paper. The paper itself has a light dot-grid and is fountain pen friendly. The format is vertical and skinny, even more than the traveler’s notebook, but I actually find this a great size for my desk and I have really enjoyed using it so far. The neatest feature of the notepad is the design itself with the removable and replaceable pages. I can write something down, swap it with a clean sheet and still keep it in the stack. I’ve been using it as my daily todo and schedule maker and loving it.
  2. Black Pen & Maple Stand – This was the second on the list, and as much as I was oogling over the brass version, I went with the black pen (partially because of cost but mostly because of my golden 2022 rule of only buying black pens!). As a bonus to myself, I got the maple stand as well because I liked the idea of having something I can grab quickly on my desk to make a quick note if needed. The pen itself is well built and works great – no complaints here. Other than that it’s not a fountain pen. But I have lots of great machined pens that I keep in my arsenal and they are all excellent pens – Baron Fig Squire, Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel, Caran D’Ache 849.
  3. Maple Planter – Let it be known that I am not a plant person. In the sense that, I think plants look wonderful and are a perfect decoration for a space, but I am just not one for keeping them alive. But I thought the proportion of this planter would be perfect for my desk (especially alongside the pen cup) and fit the look. I decided to crochet myself a plant to make up for the fact that it won’t be real and am quite happy with how it turned out. This is a Piranha from Super Mario, but I changed the colour scheme to match the pink and frog green theme of my desk – As evidenced by the pink Razer Viper Ultimate sitting proudly to the left 🙂
  4. Maple Pen Cup – What is a desk accessory if not a place to house pens. Granted, I usually grab for the fountain pens in my pen roll or my pen stand, but I like having a secondary set of pens and pencils that I can grab should the need arise.

Well that completes the desk look book. If I were to go more in-depth, I probably would show a lot more close-ups and photos of the individual pieces, but I wanted to keep this one short and sweet and share a little more outside of pen review world. Hope you enjoyed!

It was fun to share a little bit about my desk space. Perhaps in the future, I will share a few of my other desk accessories and tools that I use. I keep so many things on my desk because I use a lot of them on a regular basis, which means my desk is almost always cluttered. Makes it harder to want to share the mess. Let me know if that would be of interest in the comments!


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