Monthly Inked // 2022 Work Rotation

Welcome to the THIRD edition of Monthly Inked! Started from when I began working from home during lockdown and turned into a fun habit of giving my pens some much-needed love throughout the year as well as a chance to use my amassed collection of inks. Every month, I pick a new pen and ink pairing. Two pens and two inks to use for work. The primary for regular note taking and drawing while the secondary stands as a highlight/accent colour. If I’ve done a review for the pen, then there will be a link to the review as well.

Thanks again for joining along. The page gets updated monthly with each rotation and remains pinned at the top of the blog!

Main: Montblanc ‘Pink Encro Rose’ in Franklin Christoph Model 03 <EF>
Secondary: Kakimori ‘Mukuri’ in TWSBI Eco (Pink) <F>

Main: Troublemaker Inks ‘Milky Ocean’ in Platinum Century 3776 Shape of Heart’
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Adventurine’ in Platinum Century 3776 Nice (Rose Gold)

Main: Ferris Wheel press ‘Bathurst Blue Denim’ in Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl
Secondary: Pelikan ‘Golden Beryl’ in Pelikan M200 Golden Beryl LE

Main: Ferris Wheel press ‘Spadina Rose’ in Online Campus ‘Fluffy Cats’
Secondary: Troublemaker Inks ‘Abalone’ in Midori MD Fountain Pen

Main: Ferris Wheel Press ‘April Showers’ in Benu Euphoria
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Roaring Patina Black’ in Leonardo Momento Zero Matte Black

Main: TWSBI ‘Midnight Blue’ in Scriptorium Pens Idyll Custom (Abalone blank)
Secondary: Robert Oster ‘Sooty Shearwater’ in Caran d’Ache Fluo

Update: I have since abandoned the Fluo and filled up Sooty ink in my new Tom’s Studio Spark pen. I tried to give the Fluo a second chance after not enjoying the experience the first time, but it simply does not write or draw well and it just makes me frustrated to use.

Main: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Bookkeeper’s Brass’ in TWSBI Eco Rose Gold
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Cream of Earl Grey (kind of tainted)’ in Pineider la grande bellezza honeycomb rose gold ver.

Main: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Peppermint Drop’ in Benu Talisman Edelweiss
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Tanzanite Sky’ in Platinum Century 3776 Oshino


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