Weirdoforest Travels 2022

Hello! I thought I would be back with a new review (it’s actually 80% done, just need to compile it!), but instead, I’m here to say that I’ll be taking a mini vacation and need a place to unburden my indecisiveness of what stationery to bring on my trip.

This is the shortlist so far, and while I set goals to maintain a travel doodle journal, plans can deviate, especially when not traveling alone. Permanent ink doodles and a watercolour sketchbooks were at the top of my list – somewhere I can just dump ideas if I need, but also compile a journey of the things I do (or not do) on the trip.

An accordion sketchbook felt appropriate, and I’ve also been itching to give one of these a try. This one is from Etchr Lab, highly affordable all cotton watercolour sketchbooks. It was either this, or my Koval watercolour sketchbook. Both sketchbooks and brands I spoke lavishly about in my Top 5 Sketchbook post! With this of course, is a travel sized set of half-pan watercolours. I got in on the drop a couple months ago from A.Gallo Colors, really high-quality pans that work with just a smidge of water. I’ve practiced with them to mix enough of the colours I like to use with it that I’m comfortable not bringing my 24 set of Senneliers. Since I’m not much of an urban sketcher, I plan to just doodle in the comfort of the BNB without needing to worry about portable water. However, I will be bringing travel brushes for convenience.

I’ve selected a meager number of fountain pens to travel with, but happy with the choices. Two of the pens were selected for Monthly inked, knowing I may travel with them. The TWSBI Eco is a good choice because it can hold a lot of ink, in case I do end up doodling a lot, I don’t want to run out of ink. It’s also loaded up with Kakimori pigment ink, which means it can be used for doodling as well. Alongside this is a Franklin Christoph Model 03, which I really enjoy using. The Leonardo is purely for happiness factor, and the trusty Penmanship rounds off the lot.

I also have a tendency to enjoy taking film photos on trips, but sometimes the burden of carrying a heavy camera can be detering. I found this Kodak Ektar H35 recently and it’s perfect. It takes half-frame shots, which means my film goes double the way, plus it’s an easy point and shoot where I can just accept the lighting conditions as is and not worry about all the adjustments. I have no idea what the quality is going to be like until I get the rolls developed, but that’s half the fun right?

Finally, a laptop and trusty MX anywhere mouse because I need to do some remote work while I’m away. Cue sad face. I’m not bringing the keyboard, but I wanted to include it in the shot just because 🙂

What would you bring on your travels – anything that would overlap or that you’d recommend? Let me know! Cheerios and see you in the next review.

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