PEN SALE! I have been meaning to sell these pens to better homes as I thin down my collection. Please share with your pen friends! Free shipping to Canada & USA included. All come with original packaging. All of them have been inked at most twice for pen reviewing.

Message me/comment for more information or if interested!

  1. Opus 88 Koloro in Orange Yellow (B nib, comes with eyedropper) – $80USD
  2. FWP Brush Fountain Pen in Sunrise Sorbet (F nib, comes with converter) – $90USD
  3. TWSBI Eco Golden Horse Awards Edition (EF nib, comes with ink almost full bottle) – $180USD SOLD!
  4. Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange (F nib) – $320USD SOLD!

Thanks for looking!

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