State of the Collection 2022

Happy November! There was some wonderful sunshine coming into the room and hitting my pen box in a way that just called to me. And it had me reflecting on my collection thus far. It also gave me the idea to document the trays finally. You may remember my DIY x Muji Fishbowl post, and this pen box has been a joy to look at day in day out. Glad I can share my collection so far, It has grown significantly since the inception of this little corner of the internet and I am quite content with it. I’ve been thinking about slimming down as well, but it is definitely quite a task that I don’t know if I’m ready for. Until then though, here it be!

I’ll leave links to reviews, if they exist. If they don’t, it just means there is more to look forward to on the blog!

Row 1

  1. Levenger L-Tech 3.0 in Stealth
  2. Lamy Studio Lx in Stealth
  3. Leonardo Momento Zero in Matte Black with Ruthenium trim
  4. Tom’s Studio Spark in Black
  5. Platinum Kanazawa Leaf – The Moon and a Rabbit
  6. Platinum Century 3776 – Shape of Heart
  7. Swarovski Crystalline Ball point pen – The only non-fountain pen in this whole set. It’s on the tray because it is pretty and shiny and it was a gift that I cherish very much
  8. Kaweco Sport in Iridescent
  9. Montegrappa Game of Thrones House Stark
  10. Franklin-Christoph Model 03 Iterum in Ghost
  11. Sailor 1911S in Anchor Gray

In the top row, I feature most of my black pens along with what originally started off as white and grey pens. It has now turned into more of the ‘random special’ pieces in the collection. I like the black pens on the yellow felt since it stands out more compared to the teal felt.

Row 2

  1. Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic in Antique Glass
  2. BENU Pen Talisman in Edelweiss
  3. Tailored Pen Company Churchhill in Tiffany Stained Glass
  4. Scriptorium Pens Idyll in White Abalone
  5. Atelier Lusso Andromeda in Teal Agate
  6. 3952 Abalone Shell Fountain Pen
  7. Y-Studio Classic Revolve in Copper
  8. Pineider La Grande Bellezza Honeycomb Rose Gold edition
  9. TWSBI Eco in White and Rose Gold
  10. Platinum Century 3776 Nice in Rose Gold

The middle row features a number of rarer specimens including all my customs and my rose gold pen collection. It is probably not a coincidence that many of my custom pens (on the left) are around the same teal-blue-green hue. Swirls of this colour variant just speak to me and I love how the transition from left to right features a teal to copper to rose gold gradient in this tray.

Row 3

  1. Pelikan M805 in Ocean Swirl
  2. Pilot Lucina in Yellow
  3. Pilot Vanishing Point in Mandarin Yellow
  4. Lamy Safari in Mango
  5. Fine Writing Instruments Golden Armour
  6. Kaweco AL Sport in Rose Gold
  7. Lamy Lx in Rose Gold
  8. Lamy Vista LE in Black
  9. TWSBI Diamond 580AL in Pink
  10. Platinum Century 3776 Oshino
  11. Pilot Penmanship

This row started off with more yellows since I thought it looked wonderful with the teal felt background. It’s evolved a bit to capture a few more from the rose gold collection as well as my demonstrator beauties. And of course, what better way to finish off the tray than the ultimate Pilot Penmanship – a pen I stand by no matter its cheapness. Check out my OG pilot post in the link above and you will see.

Of course there is going to be a bonus. There’s no way I could fit my full collection in this tray of goodies. I recently picked up the cutest turtle pen tray from Esterbrook and I usually let my current and favs sit on her right in front of me at my desk. Here they are, in all their sparkling glory thanks to good mr. sunshine.

Bonus Turtle

  1. Montblanc Meisterstuck Classic in Glacier White – This is a gem and probably my current favourite. It was a gift and it’s too precious that I feel very self-conscious whenever I take it out (so I don’t). Beauty. Can’t wait to finally get to reviewing it!
  2. Pelikan M200 Golden Beryl – This one is usually on a shelf around my ink display but I pulled it over for this shoot simply because it dazzles in the sunlight and pairs well with its neighbours.
  3. Leonardo Supernova in Primary Manipulation 4 – This is both my beauty and my beast. I have to admit, I have yet to try it because I couldn’t decide what ink to use. But I swear I will get it into the rotation soon.

One more bonus. I actually host a few more extras throughout my room on display which are not featured in the pictures above. They deserve a spot on the tray but alas they have other purposes at the moment. They will get a shoutout here:

  • Opus 88 Omar Flora – This one is happily on display next to my pink, reds and yellow notebook collection
  • Midori MD Fountain Pen (70th Anniversary) – This one is sitting in a ‘steel only’ pen cup
  • FWP Brush Fountain Pen in Yellow – I have an all-yellow cup that is outside of my yellow collection within the the tray. Shouldn’t be a surprise
  • Online Campus Fluffy Cats – This one is sitting on display with some of my art supplies

Ok that’s it for now! What do you think – anything that catches your eye? Or that you can relate to in a must-have collection? Thanks for reading! Until next time


  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s good to take stock of the collection once in a while. Our newest additions always steal the spotlight at first but it is a pleasure to re-ink old favourites sometimes too.


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