Monthly Inked // 2023 Rotation

This is the FOURTH edition of monthly inked! (And third full year of it since I started monthly inked mid-year the first time – pandemic things) This started off as a rotation of pen and ink pairings to help me reduce the number of inked pens I had at a time and also so I can use my wonderful collection on a regular basis. It was also targeted primarily for work use, since that’s where I write the most during the day, while my always-inked pens remain fairly consistent. Perhaps where I want to deviate a bit this year is not solely associating the rotation with work, but just in daily use. I want to be able to enjoy the pens at all times, and not necessarily force the label of ‘work’ for the use case of the pens in this rotation.

Previous Monthly Inked:

Here we go!

Main: Sailor Studio “123” in Nahvalur Nautilus 2023 Year of Rabbit Pen
Secondary: Pilot Iroshizuku “Syo-ro” in Nahvalur Nautilus Brilliant Bunny
These are so beautiful and have been a joy to use this month! I also posted the review for these pens this month as well, check out the links above.

Main: FWP “Purple Jade Rabbit” in Tailormade Tiffany Stained Glass
Secondary: FWP “Glimmering Griege” in Kaweco Steel Sport
I knew I wanted to try out the Jade Rabbit ink when it came out, and I’ve been meaning to cycle this dreamy pen into rotation again too so it was a great chance to pair them up! I have also been on an obsessive run of grey inks and I am quite smitten with this ink pairing this month.

Main: Vinta Inks “Sayang” in Platinum Century 3776 “Oshino”
Secondary: Vinta Inks “Paglangi” in Sailor 1911s Anchor Grey
I have noticed that two years running, I have started the year with my Oshino. So I figure, why not make it a thing. It’s a wonderful pen to start the new year with.

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