Holiday Haul 2018 // Year in Review

The Holiday Haul 2018

Happy Near Year!

It’s that time of year again where I unintentionally went and bought myself more valuable stationary than I can use! And once again, items did not show up necessarily on time for the holidays but within the time it took for me to write this post up! It took a bit of time to finally sit down and complete this, since the beginning of the year turned out busier than expected (of course).

In 2018, I tried to limit myself in spending on stationary. As I mused last year, I think I want to make use of my pens, not let them sit in a drawer and look pretty (though some of them will do that for sure). I think I did a pretty good job of not spending too much for the holidays though — patting myself on the back for now. That being said, I also have picked up enough items to help me get through some things to review for the next little bit.

Let’s get to it shall we? (pictures featuring Eggy once again)

Alright, time to take a look!

A. Pelikan Souveran m600 // Limited Edition 2018 Vibrant Orange
So this isn’t new, I shared that I got it not two posts ago, but how can I hold it in. Such a jewel and I’m a sucker for limited editions. This one is as beautiful as the Ocean Swirl (that I finally managed to review before the end of the year!), but smaller and orange. There is a chance that I may use it more than the Swirl, but I do tend to use bright and colourful inks less, so if it always has orange ink in it….we’ll see.

B. Noodler’s Fountain Pen Ink // Apache Sunset
42_13_smallAgain, what is a stationary haul without some ink to go with it. I got this one to pair with my new Pelikan. I did a bit of research before picking this one. Ink reviewers are so very much appreciated! I wanted something vibrant to match the vibrancy of the orange, but I’m also not particularly fond of colourful inks (unless it’s pink) because I don’t tend to use them a lot. However, I really like the variation in tone of this ink, and how consistently legible it is despite being a bright coloured ink.

C. Architools Notebooks // Derive & Minimalist
42_07_smallThis was an odd find, but glad I could add it to my collection. I kickstartered the Derive notebook and used a discount code to pick up the original Minimalist notebook from an earlier kickstarter I never knew about. I initially found it on an ArchDaily post, where I follow regularly for architectural news. I’m not sure how I feel about these yet, but they are nicely made at the very least! I also really like the ‘exposed’ binding look. My gut tells me I may never end up using the Derive, only because it has limited pages (only 100), and I don’t want to ruin the gilded copper edge. The minimalist looks a bit more robust and it has thicker paper as well which may turn into a nice go-to sketchbook when I’m done my current set. It’s also got 300 pages!

D. Ferris Wheel Press Junior Scribe Kit // Brush Fountain Pen, Tanzanite Sky Ink & Novelty Pins
42_03_smallI remember hearing about this company a while back from some early reviews of their brush fountain pen. I didn’t pay too much attention then, but did note that they’re marketing and packaging was very beautiful. Fast forward to their growing fanbase and new kickstarter campaign to promote their new ink series. They really took the pen world by storm, I think almost every pen enthusiast may have picked or considered picking something up from their campaign. I opted for the Junior Scribe Kit because I really wanted the new ink bottle, and could use a discount from their sorta pricey pen. The purchase was worth it, and looking forward to reviewing both pen and ink early this year. If you’re still interested, I believe they are on indiegogo still.


I’ll tell you now, I had THE hardest time deciding which ink to get. I may still end up getting all three someday because the bottles are so lovely. But I picked one in the end because I just can’t use up all this ink, they are still quite pricey, and I also have all the colours of some varient already from a different ink company. I went with Tanzanite Sky (the deep purple indigo) because I felt it would match my yellow brush pen. And I was not going to get anything other than a yellow pen. 🙂 The enamel pins are cute, but my favourite and only used one is the pen+cap chain.

E. Passion Planner // LE 2019 Hardcover Dated Planner
42_14_smallI was gifted a set last year from the wonderful Passion Planner, but don’t think I included it in my haul. I will this year though, because it was a happy surprise to receive yet another wonderful package from them with these two felt hardcover bound planners! I will admit I was a bit disappointed that they don’t carry the smaller size anymore. I held my first giveaway on instagram ever (woo!) and I’d say it went pretty well with two happy strangers receiving my planners.

F. The Glorius GMMK // Tenkeyless RGB modular mechanical keyboard w/ hotswap pcb
This isn’t stationary!!! But it’s part of my hobby list, and this blog is an extension of my favouritest hobbies..right? ^_^ I was having a typical mkb (mechanical keyboard) chat with my boyfriend since we were interested in trying out new switches for our next keyboard project. Then this board came up; easy to put together (or lack of putting together), and comes with a hotswap PCB, which means you can swap out the switches with anything you like indefinitely. For those who don’t know, normally switches are soldered on and can only be removed by a long and laborious process of de-soldering. Anyway, we both picked up one, and so far so great!

Eggy approves of the colours

G. Nintendo Switch //
42_10_smallAlso not stationary!!! But it was a gift ^_^ and it is technically a holiday haul! Most people probably know what a switch is, so I won’t get into the details. In addition to picking up the Mario Party bundle which was on sale for boxing day, I also got two extra watermelon coloured controllers and some extra games. Pretty happy with the system, and it’s excellent for parties. We’ll see how much run time it gets in 2019.

That’s a wrap.

Only TWO pens?!! I know, not an amazing stationary haul at all. But they are two really wonderful pens, and I got matching/paired inks to go with them along with some neat notebooks. So I’d say overall a decent and conservative stationary haul, complete with some misc. digital gadgets.

Concluding thoughts? It’s been an eventful, busy, stressful yet rewardingly fun year. I managed to resist a lot of stationary purchases (thanks mostly in part to the Oshino) and looking forward to how much more I can resist this year. Not that I want to have less pens to review! That’s the part that may be less exciting, since less pens means less content! Fear not, I still have a bunch that are in line for a review, and I think I can also start transitioning to taking more photoshoots or collecting the peripherals of fountain pen world — aka inks and notebooks.

Onwards. Thanks for reading 🙂



  1. A most enjoyable read, thankyou. I am greatly impressed by the restraint you have demonstrated and the modesty and quality of your haul. It is all too easy to get carried away with the temptation to accumulate pens and stationery as I know only too well. It is excellent that you buy only what you can use, and you should not worry too much about pens acquiring scratches or other signs of use.
    I would have no idea what to do with a Nintendo or how or why to reassign mechanical keyboard switches. Respect to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading as always! And thanks for the assurance that it’s okay to wear and tear my pens to good use. It really is the best sign that a pen is well loved when its well used =D

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the entertaining read. Glad that you’re enjoying your M600. I’ve been quite conservative with the ink that I’ve fed mine with and haven’t strayed far from the Pelikans Edelstein path so far. My only complaint is that it seems to have triggered a liking for expensive pens!

    Liked by 2 people

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