Welcome to my new blog! I am tempted to begin with “hello world!”, but it reminds me too much of thisĀ and I want to be considerate. šŸ˜„

(Edited 2020!)
A bit about me; Architect (was an Architect in training when I started this blog!); loves to doodle; illustrates in my spare time; loves video games; background in art, architecture and animation. [check out my work on my website!]

There is room for fountain pens anywhere, especially at work

I wouldn’t have considered myself a pen addict untilĀ one day I noticed I had started acquiring duplicates and multiple variations of my already growing collection of fine liners, drafting pencils, brush pens, markers, blank sketchbooks and notebooks…and of course, fountain pens. I owned at least 5 different fountain pens between undergrad and graduate school and now I have 10. Having duplicated my collection, I decided it’s time to look back and break down my collection, share some thoughts, and in particular, muse from the perspective of an artist who uses these pens not only to write on a daily basis, but also to draw.

Another thing, since I am a recent grad, I am still super money conscious about buying affordable drawing instruments (as much as I love to oogle the beauty of fancy pens.) I drop a little extra now and then for something I really want to add to my collection, but my reviews will generally encompass pens I have purchased or received as gifts in the range of 8 to 150 dollars. Since starting this blog, it shouldn’t be a surprise to pen-enthusiasts alike, that the budget for my pens has been increasing through the years. The upper end of pens I own now have reached a new high, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good budget pen!

I am still new to this, but I am more than excited to share my growing collection! I have tried to garner some inspiration from successful pen review blogs [penaddict.com, edjelly.com, gouletpens, abetterdesk —Ā to name a few that I follow], but ultimately as I baby step into the pen collecting community, I’m bound to miss things or have a different take on what I deem as valuable in a drawing pen. Also a jest to my art background, my reviews will encompass the added factor of drawing ability and its usefulness to the drawing community as well. I encourageĀ comments about whether the reviews are useful, your thoughts on the pens, as well as overall comments on how I’m doing, as well asĀ tips and tricks to keep me motivated!

Here be my tools of the trade for the purposes of the review:

Tools for review

1) Smartphone: Close to useless without this. I take notes on it, snap quick reminder photos, start drafts on it, watch stuff on my morning and evening commute, you know.

2) Pencilcase: A sample of a fraction of the pens and pencils I own. This is the non-fountain pen side of the case, of which I shall share with you with each review! In here I keep my drafting pencils (lead holders and lead pencils) of different sizes, roller pens (also for lending to others when I don’t trust them. jks), white pens [#lunchweekly!], the best ruler on the planet (more on this later probably), and a pencil eraser. [Global Art pencilcases]

3) Sketchbook: I am also a blank sketchbook/notebook collector, so I’ve pulled one of mine from the shelf for the purposes of reviewing pens. A cute gift from a friend who got this for me because it reminded him of me. Also whoever that nitpick person who is going to tell me the sketchbook is not aligned in the photo, I apologize. [sketchbook from Frank & Oak]

4) TraceĀ (and scale): I was thinking that because I’m an architect, why wouldn’t I test my pens on trace? And so in addition to doodling in the sketchbook, I will also test out sketches on trace.

5) Camera (not pictured –duh): I use a mirrorless Sony Nex-6, which I purchased in my first year of grad school as a gift and motivator to myself to take more photos. It has served me quite well, even post-syrup-spill-tastrophe, and will be using it to take a majority of the photos I will use here!

Stationary hoarding and Lighting ā¤

I really love taking photos, but I am in no way a professional. While all the photos on this blog will be my own, I don’t claim they are of prime quality, but suffice to say, they will be enough to tell my stories.

So we are taking off.Ā Thanks for joining me on this fun adventure, and we’ll see where it goes!

The first review commences this week: the twins

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