Ball II // thoughts on ball point pens pt.2


There’s more?? But she doesn’t even like ball point pens.

Yeah I have more, so I might as well air the rest of my grievances. Just kidding, I still like some of them. So here’s a few more musings about some other ball point pens I own, and why I don’t use them.

click to enlarge
  1. Swarovski Crystalline Lady Ball Point Pen, Hello Kitty theme // I got this as a birthday present a long time ago from my cousin and have never used it because 1) it looked nice and I didn’t want to scratch it all up, and 2) you guessed it, it was a ball point pen. Surprisingly, the pen works quite well after sitting for so many years. The ink flowed right out after twisting the tip open, and it seemed to work pretty consistently. I did find that the little charm dangling from the top was clashing with the barrel too much, which added more worry than annoyance, because I didn’t want the crystals to scratch up the pen. The crystals are quite pretty though, and I’m glad the pen works well so it’s not just a semi-expensive pen for good looks. For the record, I really like Hello Kitty in addition to Eggy.
  2. Pilot ‘Better Retractable’ // I’m not actually sure this is the name of the pen. Sounds a bit silly. I like this pen, not just because it’s pink. The clicky is really smooth and easy going on the hand, and the ink flow when I first got it was quite good. A very solid and quick-use pen. It has, however, been a long time since I got this pen, so it’s starting to have some difficulty. I have to press really hard to get a consistent flow going. The ink is vibrant and solid though, which is a nice point. The pen is also dirt cheap, so no complains there.
  3. Pentel R.S.V.P // This is a classic. A pen I have used excessively in high school, and it has lasted this long. Well, mostly because I haven’t used it since high school. But it was a solid work horse back then, and the fine tip was amazing because I could doodle a lot of detail. The ink also lasts forever…almost. As you can see, I didn’t even bother finishing my blurb on the page because the ink just wasn’t flowing anymore. I have also found that this pen blobs the most when it’s over worked. I’m sure a brand new pen would work wonderfully though.



That’s it, just a short muse. A fuller review to come soontime. Thanks for checking in!


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