Monthly Inked // 2022 Work Rotation

Welcome to the THIRD edition of Monthly Inked! Started from when I began working from home during lockdown and turned into a fun habit of giving my pens some much-needed love throughout the year as well as a chance to use my amassed collection of inks. Every month, I pick a new pen and ink pairing. Two pens and two inks to use for work. The primary for regular note taking and drawing while the secondary stands as a highlight/accent colour. If I’ve done a review for the pen, then there will be a link to the review as well.

Thanks again for joining along. The page gets updated monthly with each rotation and remains pinned at the top of the blog!

Update December 2022: That’s a wrap!! And of course, we have to finish with a bang, with my two current most prized pens (in value and in beauty ^_^). Happy 2022 and thanks for following along with my rotations every month.

Main: Montblanc “Glacier Blue” in Montblanc Meisterstuck Classic Glacier <F>
Secondary: FWP “Blushing Mushroom” in Leonardo Supernova Primary Manipulation 4 <EF>

Main: FWP “Queen & Castle” in Pilot Lucina <F>
Secondary: Lamy “Petrol” in Fine Writing Instruments Golden Armour <F>

Main: Private Reserve “Black Magic Blue” in Kaweco AL Sport Rose Gold <EF>
Secondary: FWP “Autumn in Auburn” in Kaweco SS Sport <BB>

Main: Vinta Inks “Kislap” in Franklin Christoph Model 02 <Stub>
Secondary: Sailor “Mukuri” in Benu Pen Talisman <EF>

Main: Montblanc ‘Pink Encro Rose’ in Franklin Christoph Model 03 <EF>
Secondary: Kakimori ‘Mukuri’ in TWSBI Eco (Pink) <F>

Main: Troublemaker Inks ‘Milky Ocean’ in Platinum Century 3776 Shape of Heart’
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Adventurine’ in Platinum Century 3776 Nice (Rose Gold)

Main: Ferris Wheel press ‘Bathurst Blue Denim’ in Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl
Secondary: Pelikan ‘Golden Beryl’ in Pelikan M200 Golden Beryl LE

Main: Ferris Wheel press ‘Spadina Rose’ in Online Campus ‘Fluffy Cats’
Secondary: Troublemaker Inks ‘Abalone’ in Midori MD Fountain Pen

Main: Ferris Wheel Press ‘April Showers’ in Benu Euphoria
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Roaring Patina Black’ in Leonardo Momento Zero Matte Black

Main: TWSBI ‘Midnight Blue’ in Scriptorium Pens Idyll Custom (Abalone blank)
Secondary: Robert Oster ‘Sooty Shearwater’ in Caran d’Ache Fluo

Update: I have since abandoned the Fluo and filled up Sooty ink in my new Tom’s Studio Spark pen. I tried to give the Fluo a second chance after not enjoying the experience the first time, but it simply does not write or draw well and it just makes me frustrated to use.

Main: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Bookkeeper’s Brass’ in TWSBI Eco Rose Gold
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Cream of Earl Grey (kind of tainted)’ in Pineider la grande bellezza honeycomb rose gold ver.

Main: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Peppermint Drop’ in Benu Talisman Edelweiss
Secondary: Ferris Wheel Press ‘Tanzanite Sky’ in Platinum Century 3776 Oshino


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